New Apartments for Immigrants

SWEDEN. Apartments are scarce all over the country and to get one you often have to que for a long time. Everyone except for immigrants.

Kungsbacka is situated to the south of Gothenburg and there the municipality have built 52 apartments especially for 300 immigrants. The new tennants have started to move in this week and one of them was Nihad Kassas, a man who only has been in the country for six months. He came from Syria and I must wonder why he flees now when things are getting better.

Another thing that is conspicuous about these apartments is that they have been built in a neighbourhood where there already live 300 immigrants. The national aim is to decrease segregation, not the other way around. It sounds especially bad as this project has been advertised as a part of the municipalitys work to favour integration.

Why should the immigrants get fresh and new apartments when Swedes que for years? The young adults and their parents in Kungsbacka have been told by the municipality that they don’t have the space, money or time to build apartments for them. It’s like the politicians are making a deliberate effort to create racism and conflicts.

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