Having that Jimmie-Moment

SWEDEN. A new saying has appeared during the last weeks: Jimmie-moment.

The phrase is named after Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats (SD), and means that moment when you realise that things aren’t unproblematic with massimmigration, that multiculturalism has a downside. It is, of course, the same as joining the dark side according to the left as they attribute all problems with immigration to racism.

It’s very interesting to take part of peoples Jimmie-moments. It can be that you live in a place or part of town where you regularly see violence or morality police. It can be that you have been ill-treated because you are a Svenne, slang for Swede. It can be that there’s all of a sudden are criminality in your neighbourhood.

But, but, how can this be?! This is a good neighbourhood. The houses are expensive. Are those things going to come here?! To OUR neighbourhood??

That’s how it usually sound. But even though your kid gets robbed, your wife gets harrassed or your car gets destroyed and you have that Jimmie-moment the hardest line to cross is to make a comment about the subject without mentioning SD.

This and that happened, things doesn’t work, but I’m not a Sweden Democrat! I promise! Please don’t call me a racist!

It’s sad, but I used to be like that too. I used to have that feeling of doing something truly dangerous and forbidden when I even thought in this way. We have all been so indoctrinated that it feels like a threat to even question immigration.

If you like you can write a comment about your Jimmie-Moment. I promise to call you a racist and publish your e-mail. 😉

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