Such a Shame not Being Compelled to Wear Niqab

Singer Joss Stone have visited SAUDI ARABIA recently and last week she posted this on Instagram (I have made the line breaks):

Oh #saudiarabia how we love you so ! I cannot wait to tell everyone I meet to go visit this beautiful place filled with beautiful people yet again, pleasantly surprised.

Took me a while to figure out how to keep this wrap from falling off and then when I finally got it I realised that I didn’t even have to wear it. What a shame! So I wore it anyway because I love it.

I love the different cultures we get a chance to come across and become part of, even if it’s for just one small tiny moment. It means so much.

The women here are strong and exercising their choice to be free, wear what they want and do what they want, their want may be different to what we experience at home but there ain’t nothing wrong in that. To each her own. I spoke to female doctors, managers, directors, vocal specialists, hearing specialists, carers, a singer/performer/artist and they all tell the same tale. The horses mouth has spoken.

Yes there are horrible things going on all over the world in many different corners and crevasses but these women individually felt they were not oppressed, they were highly educated and free to choose how they lived their lives.

I can only ever speak of those that I have met, I will not comment on what I have not seen with my own eyes because I have no right to. Assumption really is not something I wish to entertain. if you don’t know, go have a look for yourself have a look for your self.

I have come away from this inspired. Not just by the women but the men too, with how they are celebrating the changes that are happening in Saudi Arabia they are not fighting against it as so many might assume. It seems to me that they are all walking forward together trying to make there world a better place. This is the feeling I got from my personal experience.

I would really like to go back one day and explore this place further. Thanks for having me #saudiarabia

What an useful idiot for the Saudi regime! She obviously doesn’t get how a dictature works or how Islam functions (an cerise niqab? She has totally missed the point. Or does she think that they all chooses black?). The women she met might be so brainwashed that they doesn’t even consider any other way of living ok and think that the Saudi way is the only way to live. They have heard their entire lives that this is commanded by God so they haven’t, en masse, made this choice.

They know that if they criticize the system they go to jail and their family looses their honour (and will punish the girls/women severly). Did she ask these female doctors if they were allowed to enter medical school freely and their views on the inequality when it comes to health care? Did she ask if they had been allowed to choose their husband and how old they were when they got married?

Picture from the UK

What would happen if these women removed the covering clothes (or if they decided to leave islam)? Why do they have to cover in the first place? What happens if a woman eat out with a man who isn’t a relative? Or have a child out of wedlock? By the way, when will the Pride parade march through Riyadh?

What does she think about the app used to monitor where the woman goes? And who were those progressive men? Did they have a lot of contact with the West and will they really be able to stand against the social pressure about honour? Did she visit Deera square, also known as Chop Chop square, where the regime punish and kill people according to sharia law, after getting the “confession” by using torture?

Yes, there’s a lot of evil in the world, but that’s no reason to ignore what’s going on in Saudi Arabia and definitely no reason to praise the country. Women in Saudi Arabia doesn’t need numbskulls like Joss Stone. They need allies in the West who say what they aren’t safe to say. And no, I won’t go “see for myself” because I wouldn’t give a dictature my money and in that way condone what it does.

This is an article from Wikipedia, but it takes up many of the things that Joss mention and how the real situation is for women in Saudi Arabia. Here’s another one about domestic violence. This one go through ten reasons why women flee Saudi Arabia.

Joss Stone has also visited Iran which she got deported from immediately as they believed that she was going to sing in a public setting. Well, isn’t that just wonderful with different cultures! And I guess that Joss wasn’t really deported, but made this choice by herself. After all, women are very free in Muslim countries.

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