USA. An immigrated gay Asian should be near the top of the intersectional oppression pyramid, but as he has exposed fake hate crimes he is Literally Hitler.

This weekend the right of centre journalist Andy Ngo was covering a “protest”(of the Proud Boys) by Antifa in Portland when he was attacked by them. That group is well-known for their previous antics where demonstrations have been used as an excuse to exercise power. But perhaps it is the polices response to them, or lack of response, that have caught others attention.

Antifa threw milkshakes that they were handing out at Andy and some of them is said to have contained quick-drying cement. Andy was punched several times and was bleeding from wounds on his face and head. He was taken to hospital by ambulance and admitted over night because of a brain bleed.

Some media in the US have actually defended Antifa in the past, and present, claiming that they are the real heroes because of their name when in fact they are the real fascists. Can you imagine the chaos and oppression if anarchists like them ruled? These people aren’t good, but idiots that love to exercise power and harm those they decide to be inferior.

The riots in Gothenburg 2001

Antifa, or AFA as they are called here, doesn’t have much support and certainly doesn’t get praised. In fact they are considered a threat by our Security Service, SÄPO, because of how they affect democracy, individuals freedom and rights and their high ability to cause disturbance. AFA have taken responsibility for cases of arsonry, battery, sabotage (for example conservative political parties premises) and making violent threats to people in power.

I just hope that people realise the truth about Antifa.

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