Car Fires – A New Summer Tradition

SWEDEN. Cars have been burnt in the city of Lund for the fifth night in a row now.

The police in Lund says that carfires increase in the summer, maybe because the perpetraitors have more free time during their sommer vacation and spend more time outside. It’s known that the those who commit these crimes usually are young, but the police doesn’t know from what part of the population they come. There has been rise in the number of fires during the last couple of years and have become a recurring problem here in during the summer.

Criminologist Ingela Kolfjord at Malmö University claims that frustration, despair and anger lies behind the fires. The perpetraitors are young, haven’t found their place in society and feel that people percieve them as “the other”. The best thing according to Ingela would be if all young people were given an internship and free busfair during the summer. Another problem is that the families doesn’t have the funds to go on vacation and get stuck in housing estates. It’s strange that the police have no idea from what part of the population the perpetraitors come when what Ingelas claim and suggest seem to target immigrated kids from no go zones.

So misbehave and get special benefits? That’s a classic course of action here in Sweden. But why are these young people feel such anger against Swedes so they attack their property? I bet they feel victimized by the racist Swedes who oppress them, the leftist approach of victimhood in action. But I think they look down on us for having different values, for not being muslim and I heard just the other day that speaking good Swedish is seen as lame so many exaggerate their accent. They don’t want to be a part of our society. They want to tear it apart.

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