30 Christians Arrested in Eritrea

ERITREA. On June 3 30 Christians were arrested in three nondenominational churches in Asmara.

Pentecostal Christians were targeted in a raid as they were praying together. Since they aren’t recogniced by the government they are particularly concentrated on by the police who raid their homes and churches. The arrested individuals are said to be freed only if they disavow their faith. Eritrea is known for imprisoning dissidents in metal shipping containers which is unbelieveably cruel in the heat of the desert climate.

In the last couple of months the authorities have even started to clash more with the approved religious groups (Sunni Islam, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Eritrea, the Catholic Church and Orthodox Christianity) too. They demand full control of all organizations which origins are religious, for example private schools, medical clinics and orphanages. All of these are important as they provide needed support to the population.

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