“The Swedish Model Delivers!”

SWEDEN. Morgan Johansson (S) is the Minister of Migration and is, among other things, known for delaying the laws against terrorism for 17 years! Here’s some of what he said in Parliament on Tuesday 18/6 during a debate on family reunification.

Morgan Johansson claimed that Sweden has saved thousands of lifes during the recent years, but even though that’s the case there have been “prophets of woe” making a lot of noise in the immigration debate. But Morgan explained that on the whole they had all been wrong and they had been wrong about everything.

I remember the discussion we had 2015-2016 very well, because then there were so many who said that this wouldn’t work. People painted a nightmare scenario of what Sweden would become. One said that they states finances would get wrecked, one said that Sweden would go bancrupt, one said that unemployment would get carried away, one said that there was no any way that these people would enter the Swedish labour market instead they would become stuck in a permanent alienation.

Afterwards we can see how it went. The truth is that the economy is stronger than it has been in a long, long time. During all of this period the national debt has decreased and now it’s at the lowest since 1977. And when it comes to the unemployment we can see that it has continued to drop, employment has continued to increase, it’s the highest ever measured in a EU-country. The employment among women born abroad is remarkable.

The immigrating families who come here assimilate to our norms very quickly. That’s really how it is. The Swedish Model delivers.

Sweden wouldn’t manage a… particularly long without those who have roots in other countries. That’s just how it is.

Then he ended by adressing Paula Bieler (SD) saying that noone would accuse her party of showing humanity towards others. Humanity is exclusive for the traditional seven parties in the parliament. For those who want to know exactly how rotten the Social Democratic Party are I recommend the podcast series and book En svensk tiger (A Swedish tiger) by Aron Flam. No signs of humanity there.

Sometimes I wonder if Morgan and his ilk live in the same country as the rest of us. Do they read the same news? How can a man with access to all information about what’s going on in the country talk like this? But he probably knows exactly how bad things are and are trying to save face. He’s just ignoring the problems and chooses his sources to make things seem better than they are. For example, why not mention the economic situation in the munacipalities or counties? Or that most immigrated women never work? Or the criminality?

No, Morgan Johansson is a real snake.

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