SWEDEN. The municipality of Malmö have sent out guidelines to their health care employees, for example those in the home care service, on personal safety and how to avoid getting into “unwanted situations”. Like getting raped, robbed or shot.

  • Call the police, 112, if you see something suspicious or deviant.
  • Be vigilant on your surroundings as you move outside. Try to minimize the time from when you park your bicycle/car ’till you enter the patients home.
  • Avoid looking at your cellphone, schedules and such when you move outside. Be vigilant on your surroundings.
  • When you exit a stairwell: first take a look outside and assess the surroundings to avoid getting into an unwanted situation.
  • Plan the way you will drive – know your area, alternative ways/entrances/exits.
  • Know about places in the area where there are workers or other people, for example stores, gas stations, special accommodations and such where you can go to get help.
  • Park as close as it is possible to the adress you’re visiting, preferably a well-lit area.
  • Keep the distance to persons who are assessed as potentially threathening or dangerous. Increase the distance if there’s no other people around.
  • In acute situations that occurrs evenings/weekends/nights you can call the stand by chief. The standby chief for common housing phone: 040 – 34 72 36

One could think that the list is a way to prepare those who will work in a war zone and not assistent nurses visiting their elderly patients. What I find really disturbing is the repeated advice that one should be attentive on the surroundings. It’s really scary, but I guess this is the situation they have at hand in Malmö nowadays. Poor bastards…

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