SWEDEN. The parliament have voted today to change the rules about family immigration so it will be as it was before 2015.

Before 2015 those who were labeled as in “alternative need of protection”, meaning that they were at the risk of being killed or tortured, had the right to bring their family here. Now this will be the rule once again and there isn’t any demand on the family member in Sweden to pay for his relatives. The taxpayers will have to take the bill, once again, including for the plane tickets that will take them here.

The Swedish Migration Agency estimates that 8 000 relatives will come here in the coming three years. It doesn’t sounds like much, but then there is the immigration of relatives classified as “connection cases” (anknytningsärenden) and only during 2019 there will come around 59 000 applications from this group. 47 000 will be applying for the first time.

It takes a long time to investigate these cases as it’s more or less impossible to prove if there’s kinship. Employees at the Migration Agency have leaked stories of unaccompanied minors who all of a sudden remembers where their relatives live once they get their residence permit or even dead parents who miraculously come back to life when it’s time for them to join their children.

Swedens population have grown with one million migrants in about ten years and the prognosis was that it would take until 2027 to reach that number. During 2014 to 2018 522 890 residence permits were approved and 169 159 of them were because of family connections.

Henrik Emilsson, doktor in Internationell Migration at Malmö Collage, says that this will lead to an increased immigration as the information about the rules for family immigration will create a pull-effect. During 2019 it will come about 21 000 refugees to Sweden and it seems possible that that number will increase in the near future.

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