SWEDEN. The last couple of days there have been several explosions and shootings all over the country and the politicians are slowly starting to react. At least enough to lie some more.

It started on June 5th when a shed for bicycles exploded in Linköping. On the 7th a bomb detonated outside an apartmenthouse in the same city and yesterday there was a suspicious object outside the policehouse that the bomb squad blew up. They have confirmed that it wasn’t explosives in it. There doesn’t seem to be any suspects in either of these cases.

Then there’s the bombings in Malmö. At the night of the 11th a bomb detonated in the no go zone Rosengård and demolished the entrance of an apartment house. Another bomb went off in a restaurant on Adelsgatan the same night. On the 12th another entrance to an apartment house in Rosengård was bombed so the stairs were destroyed. And there was a shooting where a 20-year old man was shot to death on the 10th. Because of this the police have increased the security at the police stations.

On June 10 the police had to shoot a man in the legs at the train station in Malmö as he was acting aggressive and confused and shouted that he had bombs in his bags. That wasn’t the case, but it’s awful that we live in a world where a statement like that can’t be ignored as crazy talk as it might be true.

Morgan Johansson (S) said to the news that the Social Democratic government have worked hard with the criminality for a long time. Really? As when Morgan blocked all laws against terrorism for 17 years? As when they got outraged when Norweigan politician Sylvi Listhaug visited Rinkeby and said that the no go zones in Sweden were more or less lawless? The minister of Migration countered that that was nonsense.

As when Stefan Löfvén minimized the increase of rapes? Or when he couldn’t even talk about the problems in Sweden during the election 2018 because “one shouldn’t speak ill about ones country”? Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, chairman of the Malmö City Council, declared on June 10 that the city is developing in a positive direction and is on the right track. For (S) it’s all about sweeping the problems under the rug, carry out placard politics and patting yourself on the shoulder.

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