SWEDEN. It’s well known that the states television and radio leans heavily to the left and a new report from Näringslivets medieinstitut (NMI) confirms this.

They looked into the 50 latest convictions by the review board during 2012 to 2019 to see if SVT really is as impartial as they claim. It showed that they almost always leaned to the left/liberal (in Sweden liberal is considered to be more to the right than in the US) when it come to political themes. 32% of the convictions were about politics and the leanings to the left was substantial. There were one case of economic “leftism”, while there were none to the right.

The two topics that were overrepresented was partial statements about immigration and the Sweden Democrats. This confirms that the governments media have campaigned for increased immigration and worked to bring down a democratically elected party. Other left leaning commentary were about Donald Trump, the monarchy, having graduations in churches, critique of abortion and issues concerning LGBT.

SVT has a habit of using politically active people to voice their opinion and not representing them as such, but as an average citizen. Before the elections in 2018 they dissociated themselves from a thing Jimmie Åkesson said during a debate even though it was obvious that he was cut off mid sentence by Annie Lööf having a temper tantrum.

A few weeks before that blunder their news anchor asked Joakim Ruist, investigator for the Finance Department, if it was wise to release a report showing that immigrants wasn’t able to pay back what the state have given them (even if they worked full time) so close to the election. Implying that it might make people vote for SD.

The list is more or less endless, as it is with all of the whealings and dealings that the left, read: the Social Democrats, have undertaken over the years. The worst part is that we are forced to finance it with taxes and the budget for SVT and SR is around 8 000 000 000 kronor ($ 847 430 696) a year. And all they can produce is biased trash.

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