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Updated List of No Go Areas

SWEDEN. The news reported that it wasn’t sure that this list would be published as many municipalities says it demonizes the area, makes it hard to build houses as nobody wants to live there and also it scares away companies that might invest.

I guess if you read between the lines the municipalities want to hide the truth for the poor sods that will have to live there. But thankfully the police released the information as they wants to discourage secrecy. One hopes that they could reason like that when it comes to descriptions of criminals as they seldom describe the perpetraitors of immigrant descent. But when the perp is Swedish they release almost all the info they have.

Hiding these areas is futile as the information about which they are will spread over the internet anyway and the only difference will be that they aren’t verified by an authority. Politicians in these areas have even admitted that being on the list have motivated them to make changes so they will be removed from the list. I wonder why they couldn’t do that before, but I guess PR is more important than citizens being at risk of violence. But it’s scary to see how bad things are and knowing that there’s many areas that’s troublesome, but not as much as these.

Compared with the list from 2017 two areas have been removed (Hageby in Norrköping and Smedby in Upplands Väsby), but Storvreten i Tumba has been added. Some have changed category, but remain as a vulnerable area.

Vulnerable areas (are geographically defined and characterized by low socioeconomic status where crimals affect the local community. Their effect is mainly bound to the areas social context than that the criminals elaborate to take over the power over and control the community. The situation is severe).

  • Fröslunda – Eskilstuna
  • Lagersberg – Eskilstuna
  • Skiftinge – Eskilstuna
  • Rannebergen – Gothenburg
  • Hisings Backa – Gothenburg
  • Andersberg – Halmstad
  • Charlottesborg – Kristianstad
  • Gamlegården – Kristianstad
  • Navestad – Norrköping
  • Klockaretorpet – Norrköping
  • Skogås – Huddinge, Stockholm
  • Edsberg – Sollentuna, Stockholm
  • Vårby – Huddinge, Stockholm
  • Älvsjö/Solberga – Stockholm
  • Brandbergen – Haninge, Stockholm
  • Bredäng – Stockholm
  • Finnsta – Upplands Bro, Stockholm
  • Hagsätra/Rågsved – Stockholm
  • Bäckby – Västerås
  • Hässelby/Vällingby – Stockholm
  • Råslätt – Jönköping
  • Sångvägen – Järfälla, Stockholm
  • Termovägen – Järfälla, Stockholm
  • Vårberg – Stockholm
  • Östberga – Stockholm
  • Jordbro – Haninge, Stockholm
  • Storvreten/Tumba – Stockholm
  • Kronogården/Lextorp/Sylte – Trollhättan

Risk Areas (are at risk of turning into a particularly vulnurable area, but one or more of the criterias are missing. The situation is alarming).

  • Tjärna Ängar – Borlänge
  • Gårdsten – Gothenburg
  • Söder – Helsingborg
  • Dalhem/Drottninghög/Fredriksdal – Helsingborg
  • Holma/Kroksbäck/Bellevuegården – Malmö
  • Tureberg – Sollentuna – Stockholm
  • Fornhöjden – Södertälje – Stockholm
  • Hovsjö – Södertälje – Stockholm
  • Rissne/Hallonbergen – Sundbyberg, Stockholm
  • Oxhagen/Varberga – Örebro

Particularly Vulnurable Areas (are signified by social problems and criminality that has caused a prevailing unwillingness to take part in legal procedings and where it’s difficult for the police to execute their work. The situation is deemed to be acute).Hässleholmen/Hulta – Borås

  • Norrby – Borås
  • Tynnered/Grevegården/Opaltorget – V Frölunda, Gothenburg
  • Bergsjön – Gothenburg
  • Hammarkullen – Gothenburg
  • Biskopsgården – Gothenburg
  • Hjällbo – Gothenburg
  • Lövgärdet – Gothenburg
  • Karlslund – Landskrona
  • Skäggetorp – Linköping
  • Nydala/Hermodsdal/Lindängen – Malmö
  • Rosengård – Malmö
  • Alby, Botkyrka – Stockholm
  • Hallunda/Norsborg, Botkyrka – Stockholm
  • Ronna/Geneta/Lina – Södertälje, Stockholm
  • Husby – Stockholm
  • Rinkeby/Tensta – Stockholm
  • Alby – Botkyrka, Stockholm
  • Fittja – Botkyrka, Stockholm
  • Gottsunda – Uppsala
  • Araby – Växjö
  • Vivalla – Örebro

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