SWEDEN. I read a lot about the persecution of Christians around the world and sometimes I wonder if that could happen here. Well, it already does.

In the video below you can see David, Yosef and Jonas who tried to preach in a square in Hjällbo, a no go zone Angered in Gothenburg. The video is in Swedish, but they say that they have come as friends to talk about Jesus. But the onlookers, mostly teens, shouts insults and threats.

Don’t come here! Everybody is Muslim here. Everybody here fasts. Leave!

Three minutes! If you don’t leave I start to fire, wallah al-azim!

The Arabic phrase means I swear by Allah, the great

Then they attacked and when one of the preachers say that he’ll call the police they tell him: fuck the police! They don’t care. Perhaps because they won’t get punished and perhaps because Hjällbo is their domain. As a sign said in another no go zone during a riot: you are not in Sweden anymore.

Some would say that this just is one area and that it’s no big deal. But it is. Nobody should have to hide or feel afraid to talk about their faith in Sweden. Nobody should react and act like these men do. But they are enforcing Islams blasphemy laws and it doesn’t seem to matter if they were born here. The people around them haven’t taught them our values and don’t identify as Swedish. Maybe being a Muslim becomes an even more important part of your identity then. A solid foundation that mustn’t be challenged. So the preacher is a threat that must be fought.

And so it begins.

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