PRIDE. Have you noticed how the LGBT-movement have gone from Please Don’t Opress Us to You Must Celebrate us?

I was dragged into a twitter quarrel once after commenting on how a TV-show on SVT brought up Pride again and again, even when it wasn’t relevant. Imagine if they had done the same thing with for example eating potatoes. It wouldn’t take five minutes before someone accused SVT of making PR for the potato-lobby. And the different LGBT organisations are companies which makes money.

An applause for those who eat potatoes! We must all stand up for everybodys right to eat as many potatoes as they want! Let’s celebrate those who dare to eat all kinds of potatoes!

I was told that I was “an offended straight person” and the gays who reacted to my tweet acted like what I wrote was a sign of hate. It seems like we have reached the point when acceptance isn’t enough. We must celebrate their sexuality, even if we never asked for the information (because we don’t care). And we should watch their parades and celebrate with them. The best thing is if we bring our children so they too can watch the almost naked adults who are looking odd in different ways. Because nothing says love like exxagerated behaviour and showing that it’s all about superficiality.

Do we see other oppressed groups having parades and demanding that everybody follow their lead without questions? No, and it’s never regarded as diversity or equality to have another opinion then the LGBT-community. When a Christian doesn’t want to support this he’s a biggot, even though it’s a non-judgemental decision that doesn’t affect anyone else than himself. He isn’t condemning anyone, but doesn’t want to promote the behaviour. But the critique of the Catholic Church for stating its teachings are excessive while Muslim doctrine are hardly criticized at all.

To be forced into silence, to go along and celebrate is hardly fair and no Christian would dream of forcing the LGBT-community to get excited about Easter and shame them when they object. But when it comes to what they do in their bedroom we must all celebrate.

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