New Statistics about Rape Are a Sham

SWEDEN. The Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) have released a new report in which they claim to prove that immigration has nothing to do with the increase of sexual crimes.

The Council have a long history of explaining all crimes related to immigrants as caused by socio-economic factors or that the criminals are forced into crime because of racism (except that Sweden isn’t very racist at all). It’s hard to know if immigrants are in fact overrepresented as Brå doesn’t want to register ethnicity (which they write in the report), but examinations of convictions show that they are. And studies in Denmark and Finland (Afghans and Iraqis are 40 times as likely to commit a sexual crime compared with Finns) show the same tendency.

The new report is said to show that the recent wave of immigration can’t be connected to the rise of sexual crimes and that the substantial number of rapes haven’t increased. Brå have compared the number of reported rapes in municipalitys with a lot of immigration and compared that with the numbers of those with little immigration. All the municipalities in Stockholm were, for some reason, excluded.

The real reasons for the alarming statistics are, explains Brå, an increased tendency to report these crimes (anmälningsbenägenhet in Swedish). Brå connects this with campaigns like #metoo (why do so many assume that a campaign which mainly focused on celebrities have changed every day life for ordinary women and girls?). Another thing that they mention is dating apps. Media are of course spreading this “conclusion” without questioning it at all making the headlines about how immigration isn’t to blame.

Thankfully there are people like Amir Sariaslan and Tino Sanandaji, both immigrants by the way, who are highly educated and can explain how Brå have chosen a method to get this result. I find it quite unlikely that Brå just happened to chose this way to conduct their study.

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