SWEDEN. The Växjö Muslim Foundation noticed that somebody had put up stickers and posters with caricatures of the prophet Muhammed in the no go zone Araby and notified the police. Then the police themselves reported the pictures as a crime.

The pictures are now being investigated by a police group in Malmö specialised in hate speech crimes. The spokesperson there says that the stickers contained offending material, but the details remain unknown. We have seen all over the west how Muslims try to implement sharia laws against blasphemy in different ways, but here it’s the police themselves who are taking the initiative. Do they really think that caricatures is criminal and that taking offense is the same as being the victim of a crime? It’s such a waste of resources for the police to spend their time chasing a “perpetraitor”.

I find this laughable and at the same time really scary. Who would have thought 20 years or so ago that things like this would be taken seriously. And does this mean that Christians should get up in arms about the ridicule some express about Jesus and our faith? No, of course not. It isn’t hate to do caricatures and your feelings is your own problem and responsibility.

Araby and it’s mosque is well known for their calls to prayer and it’s the foundation that manages the applications for that. Now they want to increase the number of “calls” and the mosque is also planning to build a new mosque which they hope will be funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Perhaps these pictures is a hoax put up by themselves so they’ll be seen as victims of Islamophobia which can be used as leverage to get what they want. It wouldn’t be the first time.

And as I’m writing about Växjö I might as well mention than the prognosis says that the municipality will make a loss of 107 million kronor ($11 202 077) by the end of the year. They expected to make a profit so they really didn’t see this one coming.