It was when I had the audacity to mention that a Christian had been beheaded by a Muslim in ERITREA that my relative ceased all contact with me in a Shoot The Messanger kind of way. But Christians are persecuted not only by Muslims in Eritrea, but also by other Christians and the communistic state.

This week 141 Christians, whereof 14 children, were arrested and thrown in prison in Asmara. Eritrea’s Independence Day is on May 24 and that’s why the police have been monitoring the streets to find any protest. It’s illegal for Christians to gather outside of the registered churches and it’s also unlawful to worship without being registred by the government. Thousands have been arrested because of these laws in the last two decades since Eritrea became independent from Ethiopia.

It’s not unusual that there isn’t any charges made against them and there’s definitely no fair trials. The conditions for the prisoners are awful: they can be held in shipping containers or in the darkness underground. Some have been held for as long as ten years and many die. Read this post about Helen who managed to survive imprisonment and flee to safety.