Politician Attacked with Bangers

SWEDEN. Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the Sweden Democrats, are currently traveling around the country speaking with voters before the election to the European Union on Sunday.

When he was in Mariestad yesterday somebody threw a banger, an illegal type of firecracker, at his car. Nobody got hurt, but it was a scary experience. Today it happened again in Tranås. A banger was thrown right next to the crowd and only a few meters from Åkessons who was giving a speech. A man in his forties have reported that he got a remaining pain in his ear.

These people who attack and try to quite others as they defend democracy, must be totally braindead. They are being undemocratic and might actually hurt someone for life. Another factor is that explosions in this day in age automatically makes you think of suicide bombers. Do they really want to band together with these things?

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