Mob Rule, Violence & Sharia Complience

Medical doctor Keith Wolverson in the UK is facing an inquiry for discrimination that might lead to him losing his job at a walk-in centre at Royal Stoke University Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent. He was treating a girl and asked her mother to remove her niqab because he had a hard time hearing what she said. She did so unwillingly, but later her husband raised hell about it obviously caring more about Islam than that the doctor got the right information and could give his daughter the right care. More than 57 000 had signed the petition for him this morning. Unfortunately Keith plan to retrain as a cosmetic practitioner after 23 years at the hospital.

A Jewish woman in her sixties was stabbed nine times outside the Jewish congregation in Helsingborg, Sweden, as she was on her way to work. The perpetraitor is a Muslim man who is well-known by the police and media says that he is mentally ill. The theory by the police is that the woman just happened to get in his way. That he was by the synagogue in the morning was of course a total coincidence (news flash: you can be crazy and an antisemite at the same time). He was arrested in Copenhagen the same night. The woman will recover.

A week ago 10-12 Somali teen males, armed with hammers, chased people in Minneapolis, USA. It has been reported that several got injuried. A witness said on social media that they seemed to be attacking whites and those who looked like they had money. Read the police report here. Many Somali immigrants have moved to Minnesota and there have been several incidents like this in other places of the state.

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants from Africa occupied terminal 2 at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France, on sunday the 19th. They demanded that deportations should be stopped by Air France and that they would get to talk with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe to demand permanent legal status. In recordings you can hear them scream:

– France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!

They call themselves GiletsNoirs, Black Vests, and say that they are the biggest union for undocumented immigrants in France. Police in riot gear eventually got the situation under control, but a migrant said that other actions will follow.

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