Christians Are Slaughtered like Chickens

NIGERIA. According to the United Nations Centre for Peace and Disarmament the 500 million illegal weapons that flooded into West Africa after the Libyan crisis in 2011, 350 million (70%) ended up in Nigeria. Most of them ended up with the Fulani herders. Nice…

A 19-year old Christian woman, Joy Danlami, became a victim of the Fulani Militia on March 23. She was walking home before dawn from a feast with her younger siblings. They managed to escape, but Joy got beaten, raped and shot. The Fulanis went on to Mante village where they burned down 17 houses and then to Nidan village burning another 11 homes. They also burned three churches. Hundreds of residents fled to nearby Akwanga town.

On March 25 two Nigerian church leaders was kidnapped. The body of a Catholic priest, who was kidnapped two weeks before, had just been discovered.

Boko Haram invaded the Christian community Kuda in Adamawa State on April 29. They killed 25 people. The day after, as the burials were being prepared, men from Boko Haram was seen and people fled. More have fled since then.

Two Christians, Sunday Adi and Jonathan Joseph, were ambushed and killed on April 27 outside Dong village north of Jos. It’s suspected that men from the Fulani Militia did it. On May 2 David Musa, a 26-year old Catholic from the same area, was killed in the same way. Attacks like these have been going on for the last two years and the people are having a hard time to manage their farming. Many used to live in the village Nzehrivoh, west of Dong, but the Fulanis destroyed it while the soldiers who were brought there to protect the Christians did nothing.

Fulanis killed 11 villagers in Taraba State on May 6 after a Fulani man let his cows graze on a Christian farmers land. Several villages were then attacked, hundreds were displaced and many houses were destroyed. Most of those affected had nothing to do with the initial conflict. President Buhari have announced that cattle grazing routes through the country will be restored for the Fulani (which is his tribe too). He believes that it will end the conflict, but isn’t taking into consideration the ethnic, religious and political factors. The restoration will benefit the Fulani and Buhari have no plans when it comes to helping Christians rebuild their villages. And if this conflict only was about land: why do they burn the church first when they attack?

A pastor and 16 choir members were kidnapped from a church in Kaduna State on Sunday May 19. During the kidnapping, one other person was killed. No group have taken responsibility for this, but witnesses say that it was 30 Fulani extremists who conducted the attack. It was the fifth time that the community got attacked. Only two months ago two people were abducted from a farm and even though ransom was paid one of them got murdered.

A lot of people don’t know that … in Nigeria, probably 70,000 Christians have been murdered in the last 20 years by Islamists, and that’s just scratching the surface. It’s going on all over. There’s a spectrum to the oppression.

Jeff King, International Christian Concern

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