Cardinal Speaks out about Muslim Immigration

THE VATICAN. On May 17th Cardinal Burke said at a Question and Answer session at the Rome Life Forum that resisting large-scale immigration of Muslims are responsible way of patriotism. This isn’t the first time that he has said things like this.

The teachings of the Church when it comes to immigration is that those who can’t find a way of living in their own country can immigrate to another nation. The church support that. But Burke said that that isn’t the case when it comes to opportunists and especially when it comes to Muslims who come in large numbers as their belief is that Islam is destined to rule the world.

Burke mentioned Raheem Kassams book No Go Zones which records places where Muslim immigrants have set up their own legal order and doesn’t acknowledge the legimitate authority of the state that they have moved to. This is something that can be seen all over the west and it’s refreshing when somebody speaks in clear terms about it.

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