SWEDEN/SYRIA. Michael Skråmo, the Swedish Jihadists who fought with ISIS, was killed in their final battles and since is wife Amanda had died earlier the question was who would take care of the seven children.

The debate engaged all of Sweden and media immediately called it hate to question if Amandas father Patricio Galvez was qualified to volunteered to foster the children. But it’s a valid question as seven children which you don’t have a relationship with since before is a diffucult task. If those children in addition are traumatized by war as well as indoctrinated with violence and salafism it seems like an overwhelming task. Especially for a man who lives in a one room apartment and doesn’t have a job.

Enter Umm Hamza, aka Ulrika Pape, the mother of Amanda. Our hard journalists who work hard with digging up the truth started to call her the Granny. But she ‘s known under another name: the Slaughterer. In fact, she traveled to Syria in 2013 which was before her daughter and son-in-law did the same. in fact, it was Hamza who inspired them.

She joined the al-Khansaa’ Brigade, an all-female militia which made sure that women followed the Islamic rules and it’s said that she was the leader. Because of her height, 180 cm, and the niqabs from Pakistan she was easy to recognise and informants say that Umm Hamza walked around Raqqa with an AK, a pistol, a whip, a dagger and an electric cattle-prod. This granny was responsibel of carrying out physical punishments in the infamous prison for women in Raqqa, such as whippings and she was feared as she is manipulative and brutal. Sources say that she caused a childs death.

Umm Hamza returned to Sweden in 2015 with her children, probably to use the subsides and health care here. This terrorist was given protected identity and work as a childminder in her home, which means that the municipality pays her. She carried on her commitment to ISIS by praising them on social media and recruiting women online. She has also called for the of killing Lars Vilks for Allah and to save oneself from hell. Hamza said online that the caliphate was a wonderful place to live. Also, she is connected to the radical salafistic Bellevue mosque in Gothenburg which has produced several Islamists.

Hamza reunited with her grandchildren recently and the question is if she will be a part of their life in Sweden. One thing we know for sure is that she won’t help them to become a part of Swedish society. Instead it’s very likely that she will do the opposite. But social services claim that they are prepared for the task at hand, which I highly doubt.

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