SWEDEN. Some people are so stupid or perhaps so ideologically brainwashed that they doesn’t even hear what they say. And they certainly doesn’t understand how awful they are.

After the bombs in Sri Lanka the left rode out to save Muslims everywhere by diminishing what had happened. No matter what Islamists do it’s always Muslims that are the focus of the following debate. Gita Nabavi, leader of the party Feministic Initiative, wrote this on Twitter:

My thoughts go to #SriLanka ❤ Remember that nobody is born as a suicide bomber. Never let the terror and hate win.

Boston Bombings

So it’s the bombers we should feel compassion for with they weren’t born like that? Former Chief of Police Dan Eliasson expressed himself in the same way in 2016 about a migrant who stabbed a young woman to death. The perpetraitors are seen as the victims. Well, no baby starts out as a murderer so why not diminish the crimes of Hitler, Brenton Tarrant and Stalin? There’s many explanaitions why they grew up to do evil things, but when it comes to Jihadists we know what catalyzes them. And maybe that’s Navabis point: nobody is born a suicide bomber, but taught to become one. And where did they learn?

From the Quran, their Imam and their mosque. Being taught to idealize a man who said that God want you to murder everybody who doesn’t yield. Also, is it to let terror win if you are honest about Islams involvement?


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