Greta – Prophetess of the Apocalypse

SWEDEN. Aron Flam has released an interview with Brendan O’Neil, who commited the crime of questioning this young prophetess.

Did you know that Greta Thunberg almost cried when she held her speech at the European Parliament? Apperently that was what happened. My opinion on that vary from rolling my eyes at this overemotional child with very little experience about her subject. But I also see the PR value of it. That she’s so dedicated that she cries makes those who want to make money from her do cartwheels because emotions sell. 

But then there’s the part of me that feels so sorry for Greta. She always talk about how we are doomed and that we must hurry to change. That we’re on the brink of destruction and that the changes must come immediately and all other concerns must be put on hold. This little girl is terrified and feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders. She isn’t commited, she is a horror-struck girl in need of consideration instead of having her fear reinforced.

Brendan and Aron talks about how her rethoric is a lot like the preachers who threatens their congregation with fire and brimstone. But she doesn’t sccream, but delivers her message with tears in her eyes. And while those preachers and religion is seen with contempt by the woke crowd they are themselves very religious in their way of reasoning.

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