This letter was published by Bill Warner and I have copied it. If you can help contact You can also give a donation tothe campaign at Sri Lanka Red Cross who offer help in a number of ways.

Hello, I am a native-born American Christian citizen. I am looking for help from anyone who understands the situation at hand.
I am helping a group of approx 160 Christian refugees in Sri Lanka. They are ongoing victims of the Easter Day bombing Islam claimed they did. Many of them lost family and then were forced from their homes and have since been living in a police garage on dirt floors.

I am speaking to them daily and I and a few Sri Lakan Christians are the only ones giving them aid: food & water. The reason I have a knowledge (because our media and churches would never share what is really happening over there) and direct contact is, 3 years ago we had a Pakistani pastor and his family live us. They fled Pakistan when they were condemned under the blasphemy law. They fled to Sri Lanka, where they applied to the UN and miraculously after a 3 year investigation were granted resettlement in the US. They lived with us when they first arrived. They explained all of the doctrines of Islam to us and let us know what the Muslims in Pakistan say they plan to take over the USA. They are extremely worried that America will fall to Islam because they know the plan and they see it happening here. This family is the one who told us about what is happening to the persecuted Christians in Sri Lanka.

There oldest daughter and her husband are still there with their three small children. When this pastor fled, the Pakistani Taliban came to them to find her father. They took her husband and tortured him almost to death. And then they went to the police and filed an affidavit of blasphemy against the pastor’s daughter. So she and her husband then fled to Sri Lanka as well and they are still there. Their case with the UN has actually been approved for resettlement here in America, but America is taking its time to bring them here.
I have contacted the UN many times, I am getting nowhere. I feel it is my responsibility as a Christian to raise a voice and help these Christians. So I’m reaching out to anyone that I’ve heard of that would understand the situation here and maybe guide me in a direction where someone can do something for them.