SWEDEN. The number of Islamists are increasing in the borough Vivalla in Örebro says the local police Anna Johansson.

The police doesn’t know how many they are or how big the increase is. There’s a theory that things haven’t changed, but that the attention towards the group is the reason why they are percieved as increased. But the public isn’t in any danger, says Anna Johansson.

We aren’t seeing an increased risk so one shouldn’t exactly feel worried. But we are seeing that this enviroment is growing and that there are more persons now than before.

Vivalla after a murder by a man who fought with ISIS. He abused the victim and stabbed him in the head a number of times with a scissor. He felt he showed moral courage and should be awarded.

At the same time 15, out of more than 20, “radicalized persons” (the term used by Swedish Radio) have returned home to Vivalla from ISIS in Syria. And it’s well known that these persons continue to commit crimes here in Sweden. I imagine that they might be regarded as heros by the others and that it will lead to terror attacks.

And we know all to well that it only takes one person in a truck to kill and hurt people…