The Crusades Were Justified

SWEDEN. Popular myths about history are influencing the general opinion, but those who think that they are educating others are themselves in a big need of schooling.

I listened to a history podcast by the Swedish Radio, which is tax funded, the other day about Hildegard of Bingen and the crusades were mentioned. They said that the crusades were about taking over Jerusalem which they felt entitled to and to fanaticly kill those from other faiths.

Nobody can be surprised that I won’t listen to that show anymore, because there’s no point to try to learn more about history from those who doesn’t know anything about it. There wasn’t a word about the 300 to 400 years during which Muslims waged jihad against the Christians around the Mediterraninan. They didn’t seem to know that all the countries that are Muslim today used to be Christian or that the Muslims were conquering countries in Europe too. Watch the video for detailed maps!

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