More Municipalities in Financial Distress

SWEDEN. More municipalities have been featured in the news because of their catastrophic economy which is the product of the massive immigration.

Hedemora were planning to get a surplus of 10 million kronor ($963 474). But instead they fall short by 30 million kronor ($2 890 424). The costs come from economic support, care for addicts and help for children and teens. The number of reports that a child may be mistreated has skyrocketed and last year there were almost 300 cases in this small municipality with only 7 000 inhabitants. Why have Swedes started to mistreat their kids like this all of a sudden? The economic situation is expected to get even worse as the state will stop paying for the fake jobs created for immigrants. The municipality are now launching budgetary saving procedures, but there is a risk that they will have to close down some functions.

Filipstad has about 11 000 inhabitants and it’s another municipality that is close to bankruptcy. 80% of the immigrants from Somalia, Syria and Afghanistan are out of a job. The cost for welfare have increased from 5 million ($481 737) in 2007 and this year it is estimated that it will cost 30 millions ($2 890 424).

Falun is also in trouble. The prognosis for February shows that the municipality may make a loss of 63 million kronor ($6 069 890)! As well as in the other cities it’s the costs for the social service center that has increased the most. Local politician Joakim Storck (C) says that Falun have gotten new tasks from the state and some of them involve expensive housing. Newspeak for immigrants and undocumented minors.

Who could have imagined that one can’t live over ones means without consequences?

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