Islam in Scandinavia

A hair salon has opened in Linköping, Sweden, which only serves veiled women. The owner Najwa describes that it hasn’t felt dignified to hang a temporary curtain around the women in her regular salon, but that it’s easier to work now and her customers can relax as no man will see their hair.

Norweigan scientist Johannes Due Enstad have published a report called Antisemitic Violence in Europe, 2005-2015: Exposure and Perpetrators in France, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Russia. Jews in France experienced most violence, it was lower in Sweden and the lowest in the UK. Muslims were the most common perpetraitor in western Europe and Enstad found that antisemitism are more widespread among Muslims.

A hot-dog stand that have been in the district Brønshøj in Copenhagen, Denmark, for 2,5 years has been closed down. The reason is harassement from immigrated boys and young men who screamed insults to the owner. They wanted her to serve halal meat and asked how much money she had in the wagon. Their attacks became increasingly aggressive and they also attacked other people with rocks. The owner is very sad about closing and she has even chosen to move away from the area to avoid retaliation even though she loved it there.

Two women in Malmö, Sweden, were told to hand in a written explanation why they wanted to wear the hijab on the photo of their drivers license. One of them refused to hand it in, but got her license anyway. The other had to take a new photo and handed in her explanation. This is the Swedish Transport Agencys Rules, but the women felt discriminated and wanted recompensation. But the Attorney General denied them.

The mosques in Farsund, Flekkefjord, Lyngdal and Kvinesdal in the south of Norway was visited by the newspaper Lister24 which found that 10-15% of the Muslims was reactionary. They talked openly about how all women have to wear the hijab (from puberty), that homosexuality spreads disease and that they didn’t wan’t their children to be gay (one said he would “fix it”). They were concerned about how to bring Islam to the society and wanted Muslim politicians to work towards establishing sharia law.

I wrote the other day about the controversial mosque in Växjö, Sweden and now the news have broken that they plan to build a new big mosque that will cost about 80 million kronor ($8 384 162). So how will they afford that? And I don’t write this to diminish them, but unemployment are very common among immigrants. The imam explains that they might get help from “rich Arab countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirate.” And money from them often comes with counter demands, like which preachers to invite.

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