The State of Sweden

The mosque in Växjö have applied that the call to prayer on Fridays will be made permanent and I doubt that it will be denied. And my prediction is that there will be requests made within a couple of years for calls to prayer on more days and after some additional time the mosque will want them on more occasions on every day. Baby steps.

During Sunday night a bomb was placed in an apartment house in Malmö. The national bomb squad arrived and took care of the bomb which never detonated. It’s unknown if it was placed there to scare people or if there was a particular person targeted. Anyway, that bomb squad sure have a lot to do nowadays.

Sara Johnsdotter released research about FGM this month and she claim that societys efforts to save girls from it affect them in a negative way. She also think that it isn’t true that there are many unrecorded cases of FGM and that the practice tend to end when people move to the west. But those who work with the girls and women see nothing of this.

PM Stefan Löfven keeps on claiming that the immigration here is at a minimum level, but new statistics from Eurostat show that Sweden is on second place in the EU on granting applications for asylum per 100 000 residents. Austria holds the first place.

Celebrity chef Zeina Mourtada is Muslim and her second cookbook will be released shortly, but when she mentioned online that one of the recipes is Israeli all hell broke loose. Antisemitic comments and threats to boycott the book pured over her from other Muslims. Zeina told them to unfollow, but have said later that even though the recipe won’t be removed she will “make some changes”.

Last week a school in Helsingborg picked up litter in a park as part of learning to care for the enviroment. A group of 8-year olds found a real handgrenade that had been disposed of there. They told their teachers who called the police and the bomb squad had to get there. They confirmed that the grenade was real.

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