SWEDEN. May 1 is upon us and the traditional demonstrations will take place all over the country as the Social Democratic Party protest against… themselves?

But as always there are others who have been granted the right to demonstrate by the police and the nazi-organisation the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) to do so in Fagersta, Ludvika and Kungälv. The right to demonstrate is part of Swedens constitutional law.

The local politicians in Kungälv doesn’t like this at all and want the law to be changed so it will be possible to stop these kinds of things. Miguel Odhner (S) says to the media:

I don’t think that we should be so wimpy. We should do as in Finland and limit those who want to limit democracy.

I wonder if (S) will limit their cooperative partner Swedens Muslim Council too as they want to implement sharia law here.

I despise the Nazi ideology for its madness and the death and suffering that it has inflicted on people, but I’m also a strong believer in free speech. Even for assholes. But this is the dilemma of democracy: as soon as you start to restrict it you have lost it.

Also, the reason why socialists demonstrate on the first of May is to honour the victims of the Haymarket Massacre: a bloodbath that they started by bombing policemen.


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