The State of Sweden

During January and February a 23-year old man, who is an Iraqi citizen, sexually assaulted women in central Uppsala wearing a blue protective mask. He grabbed them from behind, touched their bodies and then left rapidly. The man have now been sentenced for nine cases of sexual assault and two cases of sexual abuse. He got 1,5 week of community service and must attend the probation services treatment program on relationships and coexistence. The request for deportation was denied. The sentence is a disgrace and I wonder if there’s a risk that this behaviour escalates.

A FB-post by Birgitta Sparf went viral this week where she wrote that she won’t work for the social services anymore. She criticized that social workers will have to do the police and secret service job; find and also rehabilitate ISIS members who have returned from Syria. Birgitta also described the constant bickering with immigrants who demand things and claim their rights, but never consider their duties. That’s a part of the work that’s especially hard as the law and the politicians often support the immigrants which leaves the social worker powerless. Also, the staff at social services have alerted people for the last couple of years that their workload have become unbearable and that violence and threats are occuring more and more.

The salafistic imam Abo Raad and his son have been taken into custody by The Swedish Migration Board to get deported. He have praised ISIS and did on one occasion pray for suicide bombers in his home country Iraq. Raads family started a petition on Thursday which said that it was scandalous as he never have been sentenced for any crime. It was removed on Friday morning. Raad has been in Sweden since 1991, but has been denied citizenship every time that he has applied.

A big demonstration was held on Wednesday, arranged by the organisation By your side (Vid din sida), for old persons who are homeless due to low pensions (even though they have worked their entire life). Thousands of people participated and the petition for the elderly have about 79 000 signatures now. All party leaders were invited, including Stefan Löfven, but only Åkesson from the Sweden Democrats attended. It’s an enigma why this subject only engage the right, while the left and the media doesn’t seem to care.

Linda Westerlund Snecker, member of the parliament for the Left Party, have asked for and been granted to change her seat in the justice committee so she won’t have to sit next to the members of the Sweden Democrats. Truly infantile behaviour.

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