SWEDEN. I urge you to take a look at this blogpost. It goes on forever.

Toklandet (Crazy country) have collected headlines about immigrants who have been sentenced for rape, gangrape or sexual assault, but who won’t get deported! Those who do get deported can return after 10 years and the time spent in prison are counted as spent abroad.

Sometimes a reason is given and it can be that he would have to go to jail in Africa, that he might get raped in Afghanistan, he might get killed if he goes back to Somalia, he regrets it (didn’t even get punished and then brutally raped a woman. Got the lowest punishment possible), he has studied and learnt how to speak Swedish. In one case the prison time was lowered because the rape didn’t last that long!

Some men express feelings of entitlement: they have the right to abuse Swedish women. And girls. Most of the victims are girls. It’s all so absurd and awful that one thinks that it must be a joke. But it’s not. This is justice in this crazy country.


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