The Sri Lanka Tragedy

SRI LANKA. The day of celebrating the ressurected Christ turned into death and pain: 290 dead and 500 injured.

Little is known of the suicide bombers, but the names of a few of them. Muslim names. Rumours of connections to the militant Islamist organisation NTJ (National Thowheeth Jama’ath). The attacks is said to remind of Al Qaidas way of acting. ISIS say that this is the revenge for attacks on mosques.

But media is silent. No speculations or in-depth analysis of the religious groups in Sri Lanka. Social media have been blocked in the country to prevent rumours. Perhaps a wise move to stop retaliation and uproar.

Top politicians all over the world express their empathy, but it doesn’t to come as easy as when the New Zeeland mosque was attacked. It took them longer to react this time and their not as emotional about this atrocity. Maybe I’m paranoid, but we have seen this before.

Sri Lanka is number 46 on Open Doors World WatchList 2019. The persecution is mainly performed by radical Buddhists that marginilyse Christians, but converts aren’t accepted at all. Muslims are a minority group and is also targeted, but at the same time 32 Sri Lankans have joined ISIS.

It’s said that half of the victims in one church was children. I imagine them at mass, in their Sunday finest and then they are no more. But as a Christian there is hope. They have just returned home because we know that Jesus won over death. He is truly risen.

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