DENMARK. Rasmus Paulun, leader of the small political party Stram Kurs, held a demonstration in a central part of Copenhagen called Nørrebro yesterday. There he threw the Quran into the ground several times and it didn’t take long before violence erupted.

Some will say that Paulun caused the riots and he may have questionable political views, but that isn’t the important part here. What’s of importance is if we westerners really find it fair to riot because somebody have different opinions and throws a book into the ground?

The police estimates that about 200 persons took part in the violence. They used fireworks, bottles and cobblestones against the police. Fires were started in dumpsters and in the middle of the streets. Blockades were constructed in the streets to stop traffic and the buses had to change routes. The violence and fires kept on during the rest of the day and possibly the entire night.

The police were forced to use teargas to manage the situation and policemen wearing civilian clothes drew their weapons, but weren’t forced to fire them. That’s the sign that they were close to loosing control of the situation and what would happen if they did?

The key element here is that this is a way of implementing the blasphemy laws of sharia and not “displeasure with the governments immigration policies” as the media claims. The worst part is that we have seen this for a long time by now with Salman Rushdie, Lars Wilks, Charlie Hebdo and on and on. And still the media urge that we change and respect the opinions and sentiments of these immigrants. No, there’s nothing wrong with throwing the Quran, the Bible or the collected works of Lord Byron into the ground.

They are just paper and it’s perfectly acceptable to do whatever you please with them (as long as their not library books). You don’t have to respect them just because others do. That’s how it’s supposed to be in a democracy, but unfortunately these immigrants are bringing with them not only their internal conflicts, but also their taste for dictature.

“Fun” fact: Pauluns demonstration was supposed to take place in Mjølnerparken, but the location had to be changed because a car exploded there during the night to Sunday.

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