The Little Housewife & the Bomb Vests

SYRIA/UK. Shamima Begum told the media, without being asked, that there wasn’t any proof that she had done anything dangerous. That was a very strange reaction, but new information might explain it.

Senior Intelligence Sources at MI6 says that Dutch and American spy agencies have interogated western converts and they say that Shamima stitched bomb vests onto suicide bombers. They have witnessed her doing so. The purpose of the sewing was to make it impossible to remove the vest without detonation.

That makes me wonder: if that was necessary were these bombers doing this out of their own conviction. Or have Shamima sewn prisoners, adults and perhaps even children, into those vests? Have she been one person in a line of commited ISIS-members that are responsible for these victims fate? And perhaps even more damning as she with her stitches she removed the very last hope of escaping.

From 2017
From 2016

Other information says that she graduated from the police force for women called Khansaa Battalion which was a part of the morality police in Raqqa. Shamima is said to have carried a kalashnikov as she patroled the streets and was known for being strict in enforcing the rules.

Shamima Begum is the perfect example of a highly dangerous terrorist that doesn’t have any connection to western morality anymore. She lies, pretends to be a victim and is totaly untrustworthy. Shamimas actions are solely guided by the literal reading of the Islamic sources, which is what Mohammed urged for. To expect her to face up to what she have done and change is very unlikely. Place her in jail and throw away the key.

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