Homeless Stabbed for Being Christian

GERMANY. A 29-year old homeless man was stabbed by three Arabic speaking man in the underground in Berlin.

Initially the man got beaten, but then one of the assailants drew a knife and stabbed the man several times. He was wounded in his buttocks, thigh and arm. The attackers spoke in rabic and the translation show that they said:

We fuck your sister, we’ll finish you! (…)

Your pig-God, we f uck your pig-God!

It’s unknown what started the fight, but Berliner Zeitung reports that the reason might have been that the homeless man is Christian. This isn’t the first time Arabic-speaking men attacks Germans who are showing Christian symbols in Berlin. A 39-year old man was recently beaten for wearing a cross and a gay man suffered the same treatment while his attackers screamed homophobic and anti-Christian slurs.

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