Call to Prayer in Växjö

SWEDEN. A short video from a residential area close to the mosque in Växjö. The imam Ismail Abu Helal revealed that they will apply for a new permit and that people like to listen to the prayer calls. He even claims that it has become a tourist attraction.

I highly doubt the imams word and that he have been in contact with anybody else than the cheering section. Others have probably contacted the municipality with their complaints as to avoid any type of problems. This mosque have baited against jews, urged fathers to control their daughters, use books from Saudi Arabia and urged the congregation not to mix with unbelievers. It’s clear to see that they are very interested in integration.

As the number of allowed calls to prayer are bound to increase, as have been the case in other places, non-Muslims will start to move away and Muslims will move in. The area will become segregated and remind more of the new residents home countries. The imam even says that in the article_ the calls to prayser reminds him of his home.

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