ISIS Might Be Re-grouping

RUSSIA. Two days ago Oleg Iljinyh presented a report at the 7th Joint Strategic Planning Group Conference in Moscow. He warns that ISIS is re-grouping after their defeat in Syria.

They are planning a worldwide network of so called sleeper cells who will be able to perform terror attacks. Iljinyh calls ISIS defeat strategic and that they are now moving their bases to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tadzjikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. They are interested in gaining control over those domains while European members of ISIS return to the countries where they came from. What their motives are is totally unknown.

Stockholm 2017 vs idyllic Sweden.
Rakhmat Akilov was an immigrant from Uzbekistan connected to ISIS.
When his cell was searched this month a prayer mat was found
which he had put ISIS symbol on.
No regrets.

The western countries were critiqued during the conference for not taking responsibility for the current situation and that the west is to blame for international terrorism. But what about the responsibility of Sovjet in all of those countries where they have been involved, not only those who used to be a part of Sovjet but the countries they used to support and made instable areas where terrorism grows?

Iljinyh mentioned the wests sanctions towards Russia and that they make their work against terrorism much harder. The message from Vladimir Kolokoltzev, Russias Minister of Interior, was that we must put geo-political conflicts aside and work together against terrorism.

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