SWEDEN. During the 1960s and 1970s the womens movement faught for womens right to take a part in the workforce. That sounds good, but as always it has a downside to it.

Feminists isn’t interested in women having the right to choose. Instead they want all women to go through a collective change into what they deem to be right. The idea that women would actually want to be housewives is incomprehensive to them. So it must be that they are oppressed and forced by their husbands. An argument that Hilary Clinton used to explain why women had voted for Trump. It was because their husbands forced them!

I knew an elderly woman who was a housewife her entire life and sometimes she talked about those years when the feminists fought for her rights and wanted to liberate her from her home. When she and many other women wasn’t interested in a job or had the need for the income (working class women have always worked) the other side of the debate kicked into gear. The shaming. Women who chose to be housewives were less intelligent and unsolidaric. They were ordered around by their husbands and waited on them like a slaves.

But what struck this woman hardest was the accusation that what she did was useless. She didn’t feel useless and she could see proof around her every day that so wasn’t the case. She kept their entire life working: cooked and cleaned, handled the budget, was there for her children and later her grandchildren. They felt safe knowing that she was there, ready to listen, help them with homework and give them dinner. You can’t put a price on that.

This is the female solidarity of feminism in a nutshell. Do as we want or we’ll make you feel inferior. As the marxist theory it is there isn’t any room for individuality. There’s also based on constant battle with the awful men and the silly women they string along. And this how the debate goes to this day. It’s good for children to be left at the pre-school when they are one year old and moms become happier if they get to work 40 hours a week. And stress all the time and feel like they’re never good enough. That they aren’t able to be fulfilled by this is something they are hardly allowed to mention. Even though all of it makes them feel useless.


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