Criminals Descent Will Be Collected

SWEDEN. Swedens Crime Preventing Council, Brå, have finally decided to start collecting statistics about the criminals descent.

It wasn’t that long ago, February 2018 to be exact, that Brå couldn’t see any use at all of knowing where the perpetraitor came from. The last study of that kind were done in 2005 and it showed that immigrants are over-represented. But after pressure from politicians, who themselves would never been able to request a study like this some years ago without committing career suicide, Brå have changed their tune. Finally!

But their resistance is understandable as it crashes with their narrative. If Brå could expect that a study would show that it isn’t more common for immigrants to commit, for example sexual crimes, they would be able to prove that once and for all. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to throw that report in the face of all “racists”? So why not make that study? Because Brå knows that the numbers won’t show that so their entire reason for resisting have been not to strenghten racists narratives.

But now Brå will start a study about this and it is expected to be complete in 2021. They are also starting a study about crimes committed towards immigrants. I think it’s great as we need knowledge to fight the chaos in Sweden, even though the timing seem like pandering to their leftist friends (it’s well known that several of the staff at Brå is linked to the left in general and the Socialdemocrats in particular). I predict that the crime rate towards immigrants will show to be low, often turn out to be commited within the group and that the kind of crimes reported will be less severe than those Swedes have to endure.

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