Vietnamese Framework Built to Exclude Christians

VIETNAM. We’ve all heard how socialism will set us free from the rich oppressors and make us all equal, but that “freedom” only extend to those who follow the Party line.

Christians among the minority Hmong people are stateless and lack basic human rights in communist Vietnam. Dr. Nguyen Dinh Thang has called on the UN Special Rapporteur to intervene for the Hmong and the Montagnard ethnic minorities. These people were requested by the state to renounce their Christian faith and those who didn’t were taken from their villages.

Being a Christian diminsh the possibility to register your household and to get a national ID. There’s also a lack of education and health care among these groups. If a couple marries they need to get a certificate from the state and the Vietnamese Christians have a hard time getting one. This will in turn affect their children who can’t get birth certificates which make it complicated or impossible for them to get schooling. Dr. Thang estimates that this affects about 2 000 households with something like 10 000 residents.

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