Principle Urge Children not to Walk Alone

SWEDEN. Children robbing other children didn’t happen here in the past. Now it’s an everyday occurance.

During the last four months about 200 robberies have been reported in Stockholm. One of the victims, 11-years old Valdemar, had been instructed by his parents on what to do if it happened to him. So when he was attacked on his way home from school he just gave them his bag and ran away from there.

Trångsund is a town to the south of Stockholm with about 11 000 residents. 25,6% of them are of immigrant descent. After several of the students at Edboschool, which oldest students are 12-years old, got robbed the principal are warning them of going home alone. If they can’t walk with a friend their parents should pick them up. The robbers are a group of boys who are 15-16 years old.

This is the way it is all over the country now and it doesn’t matter if you choose to live in a small town expecting it to be safe for your children. No, parents and teachers have to teach the them how to handle being robbed. And they can’t roam around in the way that their parents expected them to be able to. The way that was possible just a couple of years ago.

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  1. Simple logic how often do you hear about 2 it more people being murdered, raped, mugged, etc at a time? I’ll bet 80% of crime is committed against a single person.


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