FRANCE. GERMANY. NETHERLANDS. Is it because ISIS has fallen that the number of attacks seem to be increasing?

Jewish Martin Colmans and his son Sharon was at the market Albert Cuyp in Amsterdam where they have sold furniture for generations. Then a man, known as Tarik and who was born in Egypt, stabbed them several times. They got light to moderate injuries. Tarik knew the Colmans and used to sell hookahs and other smoking paraphernalia to their furniture store. They said that Tarik was away for some months and when he returned he was different. He was “reading the Qoran a lot, stopped talking to us. Shaved his head. Prayed all the time. He also began giving us nasty looks.”

A 30-year old man who had converted to Islam in prison (7 years for violence with a weapon and for targeting a police officer) was arrested last week at the post office. He was there to pick up a gun that he had ordered from the US.

A 34-year-old man in Bordeaux, France, was arrested for entering a police station and attacking officers. He was yelling threats in the name of Allah and was wearing an armband with the word jihad in Arabic script on it. He was taken down with a taser.

Ten suspected jihadists were arrested the other day in Germany for planning a terror crime. They were going to use a car and weapons to kill as many people as they could. The men were between 20 and 42 years old and lived in Frankfurt, Offenbach, Wiesbaden and Mainz. At least two where Salafists.