UK. Secularised pc-bureaucrats at the Home Office denied an Iranian convert asylum in 2016. The reason was that he said that he left Islam because he found Christianity very peaceful which made the official explode.

The Iranian fled after converting to Christianity as leaving Islam is a crime and the Christians in Iran are oppressed. When asked by the Government official what drew him to the religion the reasons he mentioned was the focus on peace, forgiveness and kindness as he had experienced violence, rage and revenge as a Muslim. This is something many converts mention and how relaxed they feel by the mere abscence of Islams submission-theology.

That made the bureaucrat angry and he composed a letter with six passages from Bible Gateway. His reason was to prove that the Iranian was being inconsistent about Christianity being peaceful. One of the verses was Matthew 10:34, not peace but a sword, which can be a tricky one. But that’s when you contact the experts (1 & 2) or just look up the commentary on Bible Gateway (or some other site). Another verse was Exodus 34 and Revelations, with verse 2 especially selected. The latter was mentioned as being filled with “images of revenge, destruction, death and violence”. No shit, it’s a apocalyptic prophecy!

Another letter to the Christian asylum seeker said:

You affirmed in your AIR that Jesus is your saviour, but then claimed that He would not be able to save you from the Iranian regime. It is therefore considered that you have no conviction in your faith and your belief in Jesus is half-hearted.

That is so patronizing and stupid that it’s staggering! The official isn’t illiterate only when it comes to Christianity, but to religion in general. And manners. I can’t help but wonder if he acts like this when it comes to Islam and their peaceful Quran.

The home office have acknowledged their error and commented that it’s not their function to remark on theology. There will also be training for staff about Christian converts from Muslim-majority countries, which is good, but shouldn’t they already have that knowledge? And I can’t help but wonder: how many more have been denied asylum in this way?

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