Islamists Hold Public Prayer in Denmark

DENMARK. Nothing shows that you care more than letting a terror organisation spread propaganda unrestrained.

As a gesture of sympathy and to show support for “the martyrs in Christchurch” (that was how the group put it) Hizb ut-Tahrir will hold Friday prayer, including a sermon (in Danish so everybody can understand?), at Christiansborg Palace Square at 12.30 local time. The Danish Parliament, Supreme Court, and Ministry of State is located at this square too so they have chosen a very significant place.

But this isn’t only a religious act. The organization have told the media, who mostly seem totally clueless about what’s really going on, that this will make people aware of the Islamophobic debate that’s going on. A sharialoving organization pushing the Islamophobia narrative – how unexpected! Some quotes from the organizers:

It’s Islamic obligation to unite and support the martyrs and how Muslims blood are inviolable. (…)

…the hate and manipulation which the politicians and media in the west direct towards Islam and Muslims. (…)

Standing in front of the castle with the thick walls sends a strong signal.

The political party Stram Kurs led by Rasmus Paulun will also be there holding a counter demonstration. Stram Kurs are very critical of Islamism and the Islamization they see in Denmark. The police is preparing for what might happen.

Public worship sessions are in fact forbidden in several cities and countries, interestingly it’s often in Islamic countries. And it seems that one common reason for praying on the streets is to protest the lack of mosques. And these Muslims doesn’t care that the state is secular; they want the authorities to provide a mosque for them. In December 2017 Muslims in Uddevalla, Sweden, prayed on the town square for that reason.

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