Church of Sweden Invites Drag Queens

SWEDEN. The Church of Sweden are going even further to the left by inviting two drag queens to the parish of Harplinge to read stories to children between the ages of 4-8.

It’s Lady Busty and Miss Shameless who will make a stop in Harplinge on their tour to different libries. The invitation to the children says that the fairytales world is diverse, vast and loving. There’s no norms or limits. I just wonder why fairytales about norms have to be read by men dressed up as women. Especially drag queens who are very sexualized in how they look and behave. And those names!

The vicars comment is that this is a part of the HBTQ-certification the church is in the middle of, something that means that churches, retirement homes or offices pay RFSL for a couple of courses and then they get approved as knowledgable about the topic. When the vicar talked about hiding your true identity he refered to when Jesus said that the truth shall set you free. It’s a very creative take on a verse which is usually interpreted as being a true disciple will make you see the truth and it’s Jesus who is the thruth. The freedom Jesus offers is the spiritual freedom from the bondage of sin. Not the freedom to put to much make up on.

I don’t think it’s fair to push politics on children. You can guide your child gently as she asks questions, but not make it into a battlefield where the kid get the feeling that she must please people by having the correct opinions. Should sexuality even be a part of a childs life? And who are these busty and shameless adult men and why do they like to read for children? To get attention or, as a man in the US who turned out to be a convicted sex offender, to groom them?

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