Persecution of Christians – week 11

The violence Christians are suffering in Nigeria have gathered attention due to the massacre in Christchurch as many questioned the medias hypocrisy. Even local media in Nigeria seldom report on the attacks. 6 000 persons were killed during 2018 and there wasn’t any distress, no “thoughts and prayers” nor aany candlelit demonstrations in the west. Re-elected president Buhari have done nothing even though he promise to do so regularly, but as he is from the Muslim Fulani tribe many suspects that that is the reason for his inactivity. So Fulani Militia and Boko haram can do as they please, while people gets displaced or die.

On March 11 52 people were murdered, dozens injured and about 143 homes were destroyed as Fulani Militia attacked the villages of Inkirimi, Dogonnoma and Ungwan Gora in Nigeria. The day before 17 persons were murdered in the village Ungwan Barde. The Islamists attack in three groups where one kill (guns, machetes), another set fire to buildings and the third hunt down the people who escape. Since February 120 Christians have lost their life to jihadists in Nigeria.

On March 14 Boko Haram attacked the village Ngurhlavu, Nigeria. Six homes were burned, one person got murdered, destroyed a church and abducted the sisters Stella Ibrahim and Plungwa Ibrahim.

The villages Ulo, Nabajo and Maculo, seated in an area of Mozambique were many Islamist have attacked, got struck on March 14.13 persons were murdered and 120 houses were burned down. The jihadists call themself Ahlu Sunnah Wa-Jama, which is Arabic for “followers of the prophet”, want to impose Islam and sharia on the people.

As the war in Syria finally seems to draw to an end the focus have turned towards the few refugees that choose to return and rebuild the country. Before 2011 the Christians in Syria made 8-10% of the 22 million population. A report from 2017 show that 80% of those Christians have left. Many are missing after being abducted by ISIS, including two archbishops that have been held hostage for five (!) years. A report show that 19 church leaders in Syria have been beaten, killed or abducted.

During the last year 40 churches have been demolished in the Nuba mountains in Sudan and 32 have been burned down. Because the rebel group Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North hides in the mountain the government bomb the area with no care to the people living there. As the soldiers pass through the area the destroy churches. The government have targeted this Christian population for years and more or less commited genocide against them. President Bashir is of the opinion that Sudan only belong to Muslims.

Pastor Balu manage a small congregation Madhya Pradesh, India. Both he and his wife are visually impaired so their young son helps them to manage daily life. Earlier this year the church service was stopped as a mob arrived and started to beat the Pastor and the twelve church goers. When the police came they arrested the victims. The pastor and his family have been harrassed by the offials after this and they were held without bail for three days.

Pastor Abdul in Kenya was beaten unconscious, got his thigh bone broken and was severly bruised all over on March 8. He was approached by Somali Muslims from the area as he was heading home after conducting a prayer group. They were angry about him spreading the gospel in Garissa so they have followed him. So even though the pastor had been careful and worked underground they had found out. He now fear for his and his familys life.

Stephen Masih is 42-year old Christian man from Badiana, Pakistan. On March 11 he got accused of committing blasphemy against the prophet of Islam. It is well known where he lives that he is mentally disabled and when he was debating fasting and praying during Lent with his brother-in-law he got worked up and started to shout. It was Hafiz Muhammad Mudasir, a local Muslim cleric, who accused Stephen and he interfered in this family matter which they surely had strategies to handle. Mudasir started beating Stephen and as he left he said he would teach him a lesson for insulting him. He then returned with a mob of angry Muslims who started to beat Stephen and his family. The police have registered a report against Stephen under the country’s blasphemy laws and he’s currently in custody.

Asia Bibi is still held in Pakistan. It’s said that she is being denied medical care for low blood pressure. A source says that she is very unwell and frustrated with the situation. Even though the government said she can leave the army are in control. They are afraid that she will speak about about her experiences, but at the same time they fear the bad press that will come if she die in their custody.

Three more priests in the Philippines have reavealed that they are being threathened. All three of them have spoken out against President Duterte’s war on drugs who have caused 5 000 deaths so far.

The basilica of Saint-Denis (in an area known for the immigration and criminality) in Paris, France, was vandalised in the beginning of March. The engine of the 200-year old organ had been damaged and other parts of the instruments. Saadia Tamelikecht who is the head of the departmental unit of architecture and heritage says that the damage must have been caused by someone hiding inside the organ and pushing his way out. Two stained glass windows from the 1900s were smashed and two locks had been pried open. A pair of glasses and blood was found.

Consecrated hosts were stolen from the Basilica of Saint-Eutrope de Saintes in France on March 16. And the next day a large wooden door was set on fire in the church of Saint-Sulpice in Paris. A stained glass window was damaged as well as the door. It has been assessed that it’s a case of arson. There have been almost 50 acts of vandalism in French churches in February.

The Chinese communist party carry on with their “Sinicization of Religion” to rid the country of all things foreign that can lead to infiltration into internal affairs. Or to put it more plainly: they want total power over people so they only follow the communistic party. So far a million of Muslim Uyghurs are in “re-education camps” and more than 4 000 churches have had crosses removed and been shut down. Christians have also been arrested. Xiaohong, president of the National Commission of the Three Self Patriotic Movement, said on March 11:

Anti-China forces in the West are trying to continue to influence China’s social stability and even subvert our country’s political power through Christianity, and it is destined to fail. (…) In modern times, Christianity was spread widely to China along with the colonial invasion of Western powers, and was therefore called a “foreign religion”. It must be said that some faithful lack a true national conscience. That’s why we say “another Christian, one less Chinese”.

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This is another day, O Lord.

I know not what it will bring forth,

but make me ready, Lord, for whatever it may be.

If I am to stand up,

help me to stand bravely.

If I am to sit still, help me to sit quietly.

If I am to lie low, help me to do it patiently.

And if I am to do nothing, let me do it gallantly.

Make these words more than words,

and give me the Spirit of Jesus.


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