Politician Push for Collecting personal Data

SWEDEN. Leila Ali Elmi, minister of parliament for the Green Party who got elected by clanvoting, is the source of debate again. The reason is what she told the leftist newspaper Etc.

Leila said that it’s time to fight the structural racism and she want to do that by collecting so called equality data. It’s a popular idea on the left andthe Left party voted for a proposition on their party congress in February. The idea is that Statistics Sweden are to collect data about ethnicity, national origin, skin colour, religion or other beliefsystem.

She also mentioned sexuality and disability and here’s where I get really worked up. Because even if Leila have good intentions we have to look to the future. Imagine such a register in the wrong hands! Those with a shred of knowledge about history knows about the lists made about the Nazis leading to horrible suffering and death. And not only for different ethnicities, but for disabled, gays, religious people and those of the “wrong” political conviction. Another example is the forced sterilisations that were going on until 1975 in Sweden of those deemed worthless.

Leila want facts that can be used to make accurate decisions which is something that I think is reasonable. But not the assumption about structural racism because I know that that isn’t a big problem here. It would be a waste of time to register that as others, for example World Value Survey, has showed already. I don’t believe in identity politics and I strongly believe that no matter what facts are presented it will be interpreted in a way that confirm that ideology.

Then there’s the question of integrity. How much insight should the state have into it’s citizens life? And do I want the state to know these things? Will it be totally anonymous? Can I deny them knowledge or will they coordinate different dataregisters to pull out the information that they want? Will they have access to my medical journals and the National Insurance Office? I have a lot of questions and it all boils down to that I want to have the right to own and control my personal information. Not the state.

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