SWEDEN. Let’s get personal.

As a Catholic in Sweden I’m a minority (yey, victimhood-status!) and so are my children. Most doesn’t care a bit about that more than that Christians might be considered a bit kookey. But when my kid read about Catholicism in religion-class in school the teacher mentioned that it used to be forbidden to be a Catholic in Sweden. Which is true.

But some children picked up on this and started to bait my kid saying that Sweden was off-grounds for Catholics (showing that they hadn’t listened very much to what the teacher had been saying, but had rather cherry-picked). Of course I wondered who they were. It was the Somali Muslims. They were also one of the reasons why my kid stopped wearing a crucifix necklace. I might add that my offspring is timid and never said anything about their religion.

It’s perfectly easy to whitewash these incidents in different ways, but there have been similar reports from around Sweden and the mere inclination to use religion as a reason to pick on others is worrying. Where does a child learn attitudes like that if not at home? And imagine the uproar if it had been the other way around!